Heart of Stone


Mike Grainger had enough of killing and death, and all he wanted now was to be left alone in peace and to forget the past, finding a quiet place, high in the Rocky Mountains where he could live his life. Roland Hawkins had other ideas when he wanted Mike’s land. Between Hawkins hired killers and a beautiful woman names Kat Ballard he had to run for his life, until the hunted became the hunter. With no quarter asked or given they played a deadly game of hunt-and-go-seek over and under the mountain.


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  1. Ken Pence

    I started Heart of Stone with some trepidation because I normally prefer Sci-fi like Buckman’s other books which are great – thought I’d give it a shot. This story starts with Mike, a half breed Apache raised by his grandfather, living by himself on a plot of land in the rural mountains. A businessman wants his land – bad – and will do anything to get it. The bad guys start trying to buy him out – when that doesn’t work – they try to muscle him out. They get more and more mercenaries to throw at him. Meanwhile – the original owner’s daughter, Kat, says the land Mike bought at an unpaid tax auction – thinks Mike is the bad guy. The new sheriff thinks Mike is dirty too and tries to hassle him too – not the kind of guy you should try this approach on.

    Too much would give it away but the writer lets his military experience seep into the story when he talks about explosives, weapons, or tactics. Definitely worth a read – get food and drink near you and you’ll want to stay up late reading. The bad guys are realistic enough that you can see analogies in the present day. Book would make a good movie. The bad guys connections to elected officials is laid out well as well as politics between the different federal agencies. I immediately got Heart on Fire. The author can truly tell a gripping story – loved it.

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