Welcome to my corner of the web. Here you will find a collection of my exciting military Scifi, actions adventure and short stories for your reading enjoyment.   Come on in and browse around to see if there’s something you’d like to read.

 (There are still a few gremlins around, but I’ll hunt the little buggers down and kill them off)

The second book of ‘Wolf Pack’ ERADICATION AND RESISTANCE is completed and up for sale here first. I’ll be adding it to Amazon shortly. I’m also finishing the editing of Book Three and will post for sale by Oct, here as well as on Amazon.

Wolf Pack tell the story of one lone soldier and a pack of females who fight to save the world after an alien invasion and its devastating aftermath. Having battled their way to a secret military research base, they now have to help develop weapons so they can take the fight to the UFMs. Once again, the four horsemen ride across the land bringing Pestilence, War, Famine, and death. Now it is up to John Decker and his ‘Wolf Pack’ to drive the aliens off earth and stop the second wave.

*  *  *  *  *  *

I guess after people got caught by the ‘Free’ credit report scam, and other supposed ‘free’ this or that, that wasn’t. My ‘free’ book must have fallen into the same category. But really people, the book ‘Bandit’ really is free, with no strings attached, well maybe one. If you like that story, you might want buy one of my other stories. I even priced a couple of the short stories for a $1.50 each as a next step before you shelled out a whole $5.00 bucks for a full length story (lol). I’ll even give you a refund if you don’t enjoy the story, how’s that? Of course, you could go over to Amazon and pay more for the same book. That would mean I’ll only get a percentage of the cover price instead of the whole amount.

So, come on in and look around and see if there is anything you’d like to read. I’m sure there’s something that catches your interest.

For those interested in Book Four of ‘He Who Dares’ and ‘Book Three of ‘Echo of Tomorrow’, I’m working on those as well and hope to finish them in the near future.

Rob Buckman


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